Gold Ring with Oval-Shaped White Opal - FJ.6872 - For Sale

Gold Ring with Oval-Shaped White Opal - FJ.6872
Price: $2800.00
In ancient times, opals were included among the noble gems and ranked second only to emerald by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, they were believed to be a good luck charm. Today, they are highly treasured for their luminous panoply of colors. Precious opals are translucent to transparent and are distinguished by a combination of milky to pearly opalescence and an attractive play of many colors. These colors flash and change as a stone is viewed from different directions and are caused by interference of light along minute cracks and other internal inhomogeneities. Opal is deposited from circulating waters in such varied forms as nodules, stalactitic masses, veinlets, and encrustations and is widely distributed in nearly all kinds of rocks. It is most abundant in volcanic rocks, especially in areas of hot-spring activity. Though found in select areas around the world from India to Mexico, the best specimens have traditionally been obtained from Australia; the Lightning Ridge field specifically is famous for superb stones. Origin: Australia Collection: Jewelry Style: Gem Stone Ring Medium: Opal and Gold

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