Triangular-Shaped Pink Tourmaline - FJ.6931 - For Sale

Triangular-Shaped Pink Tourmaline - FJ.6931
Price: $3400.00
This Gemstone Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Ring. Weight 7.5 carats Tourmaline's name comes from the Singhalese word "turmali," which means, "mixed." Bright rainbow collections of gemstone varieties were called "turmali" parcels. Tourmaline, occurring in more colors and combinations of colors than any other gemstone variety, lives up to its name. There is a tourmaline that looks like almost any other gemstone. Many stones in the Russian Crown jewels from the 17th Century once thought to be rubies are actually tourmalines. Perhaps this is why this gemstone is said to encourage artistic intuition: it has many faces and expresses every mood. Tourmaline is also of interest to scientists because it changes its electrical charge when heated. It becomes a polarized crystalline magnet and can attract light objects. This property was noticed long ago before science could explain it: in the Netherlands, tourmalines were called "aschentrekkers" because they attracted ashes and could be used to clean pipes. Tourmaline occurs in every color of the rainbow and combinations of two or three colors. Origin: Afghanistan Medium: Tourmaline-Gold

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