14K White Gold Pendant, 1 Turquoise, 11 Diamonds - FJ.0317 - For Sale

14K White Gold Pendant, 1 Turquoise, 11 Diamonds - FJ.0317
Price: $1400.00
A gem of celestial blue beauty, turquoise (“The Turkish Stone”) has been prized as adornment and sought after asa talisman throughout the ages and all over the world. A complex phosphate of aluminum and copper, which ranges in color from bright blue, to green, to gray, turquoise is mined mostly in arid regions with sedimentary and fractured volcanic rocks. The pharaohs of Egypt left inscriptions recording their successful turquoise mining in the Sinai desert, while the Indians of the American southwest—who considered it a sacred stone—found their sources chiefly in New Mexico and Arizona. Turquoise occurs in a wide area of the near east and Europe, and its use in jewelry and amulets dates from the 5th millennium before Christ. The Egyptians particularly valued it as a bringer of luck, in which capacity it is still used throughout the middle east. In the Americas, it was considered an essential possession for a medicine man, and was used extensively as adornment, as it still is today. Ancient Indian burial sites have yielded up thousands of turquoise beads used to decorate the deceased. Its power as a charm of good fortunes thought to be unrivaled because of its lucky blue color; it is believed to protect the wearer from accidents and falls. Therapeutically, the gem is useful for freeing the body from toxins, preventing arthritis, curing eye diseases, and relieving urinary disorders. To wear turquoise is to wear the sky on a bright and sunny day. Perhaps no gem delights the sense in quite the same ways as the diamond, which burns with a deep internal fire. Crystallized carbon, formed under tremendous pressure over millennia, the diamond is famed for its everlasting hardness. Diamonds are normally colorless, but are also found in shades including yellow, pink and blue. In eastern belief, the diamond is said to enhance the full spectrum of energies in the body, mind and spirit. Within the circle of gems, the diamonds defines the standards of beauty, rarity, and preciousness. - (FJ.0317)Medium: Diamond-Turquos-Gold

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