Cilician Silver Stater Struck Under the Satrap Mazaios - C.2058 - For Sale

Cilician Silver Stater Struck Under the Satrap Mazaios - C.2058
Price: $1800.00
Obverse: The God Baal Enthroned Facing Left Holding a Scepter, an Ear of Grain, and a Bunch of Grapes Reverse: A Lion Attacking a Stag Cilicia is an ancient region of southeastern Asia Minor (modern Turkey), along the Mediterranean north of Cyprus. It included a high and barren plateau, Cilicia Trachia, an inhospitable region that served as shelter for pirates, and a richly fertile plain, Cilicia Pedias, that served as a strategic passageway throughout history. The area was under the domination of the Assyrian Empire before it became part of the Persian Empire. The Greeks settled on the coast early on, and Cilicia was Hellenized to a great extent. Tarsus was the capital of Cilicia and one of the most important cities in Asia Minor. Tarsus continued to flourish even after the region became part of the Roman Empire, reaching the height of its prosperity and cultural achievements, including being the birthplace of St. Paul. Origin: Minted in Tarsus Circa: 361 BC to 334 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Cilician Medium: Silver

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