Paul Colin Bal Ne'gre Lithograph ft. Josephine Baker - For Sale

Paul Colin Bal Ne'gre Lithograph ft. Josephine Baker
Price: $5000.00
PAUL COLIN (1892-1986). BAL NEGRE. 1927. 51x38.25 inches. including frame print done by H. Chachoin, Paris. The Bal Negre was a trendy Parisian event that took place on February 11, 1927 in the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. Based on the success of 1925's Revue Negre, Colin wanted to pay tribute to and glorify the "black craze" that was sweeping through Paris. On that February night, from 11 pm until dawn, the Charleston was king and Josephine Baker the queen. Colin not only designed the poster for the event, but he also created an album, Le Tumulte Noir, which he offered for sale that night (and most likely sold out during the course of the evening). The image is of Josephine and her oversized partner dancing the Charleston. This example is clearly more spirited than Colin's Revue Negre, 1925, which is more rigid and static. In this poster, everything is movement and it is evident that Colin drew the design with absolute freedom. In contrast to the curvaceous Josephine, the man is geometrically stylized, the checks of his pants floating freely to add to the dynamic rhythm.

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