A Kwere Female Figure, Tanzânia - For Sale

A Kwere Female Figure, Tanzânia
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Wood, brown patina, standing figure set on square base, head with dotted scarification marks and long neck plait.

“The ancestors of Kwere peoples migrated into what is now Tanzania around 1000 A.D. from the south in the area of northern Mozambique. Most Kwere believed in a supreme god (Mulungu) who was associated with rainfall. Most prayers were directed to family spirits. Religion among the Kwere was a household affair. Every family was responsible for appeasing its ancestral spirits. Shrines were built to the spirits on the ancestral homeland, and members of the family were expected to journey to these sites to make the proper offerings. Kwere believed that major disasters and illnesses were sent by Mulungu, but appeals and prayers must be made to the ancestral spirits who served as a liaison between living men and the god. In order to determine the proper course of action necessary to appease an offended spirit, a spirit medium (mganga) would be consulted. Through various divination techniques the mganga would communicate with the spirits and then prescribe treatment for an illness or social imbalance.” Christopher D. Roy Professor of the History of Art, The University of Iowa.
Slight traces of abrasion on base, minor damage and cracks.
H: 23 cm (9 inch).

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