Bactrian Gold Stater of Diodotus I as Satrap under Antiochos II - C.4108 - For Sale

Bactrian Gold Stater of Diodotus I as Satrap under Antiochos II - C.4108
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Obverse: Diademed Bust of the King Facing Right Reverse: Zeus Striding Left, Holding Thunderbolt and Aegis, "N" above Eagle in Inner Left Field Following the death of Seleucid king Antiochus II in 246 B.C., rebellions erupted in far-flung territories to the east. Seleucid forces were tied up in their struggles against Ptolemaic Egypt and were thus unable to protect the borders of their kingdom from nomadic barbarian raiders. In the province of Bactria, a historical region situated in present day Afghanistan, the satrap, or governor, Diodotus I rose up against Seleucid authority and achieved independence for his kingdom. Nearby, in modern Iran, another former satrap named Andragoras also gained independence for the territory of Parthia. This independence was short lived, as soon after a tribe from the east, the Parni, under the command of Arsaces I, invaded and conquered the land and established the mighty Parthian Empire, effectively cutting off the Bactrians from direct contact with the Greek world. Although the Parthians and the Bactrians seem to have battled at times, they were allied against Seleucid campaigns launched to punish the rebel kingdoms. It is believed Diodotus died sometime during, or shortly after this campaign, leaving his son Diodotus II to inherit the throne and conclude a peace treaty with the Parthians. Origin: Minted near Al Khanoum (Mint A) Circa: 255 BC to 245 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Bactrian Medium: Gold

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