Ionian Silver Didrachm of Magnesia - C.2048 - For Sale

Ionian Silver Didrachm of Magnesia - C.2048
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Obverse: An Armed Horseman Advancing to the Right Reverse: A Humped Bull Butting to the Left, Legend "MAGN" above and Magistrate's Name "LUKOMHD" Below, Encircled by Maeander Pattern Magnesia-on-Maeander was an old Ionian city once located on the river Maeander, which is now silted up. The city was founded in the eighth century B.C. by Greek colonists from Magnesia in Thessaly. They sought a new life in Ionia away from the overpopulation and poverty that ran rampant in mainland Greece at this time. In the seventh century the city was refounded as a trading colony of Miletos. The city, which commanded the resources of a rich river valley, was normally under the domination of foreign powers from the late seventh century on. The Magnesians were subject to Lydian and Persian kings during the seventh and sixth centuries BC. In antiquity, Magnesia was famous for its sanctuary of Artemis Leukophryene. This large religious structure was redesigned in the third century B.C. by the Greek architect, Hermogenes. The temple was highly praised in the ancient world and had a profound impact on Roman architecture. It provided some of the laws of proportion for Ionic buildings that Vitruvius outlines in his architectural manual. Origin: City of Magnesia Circa: 350 BC to 320 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Ionian Medium: Silver

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