45 whisks collection RARE LOT NEVER SEEN IT WHISK IT - For Sale

45 whisks collection RARE LOT NEVER SEEN IT WHISK IT
Price: $1300.00
I'll tell you a nice and short story: Once I was driving with my old car and I stop in old and primitive restaurant, and the wife's owner collect whisks, she told me how began the collection and it seems to me funny. One year they were very very poor, very bad situation and the wedding anniversary was near, and the husband doesn't have much money for an interesting gift, suddenly went to an old hardware store and saw a funny whisk (the smallest) and he thought why not? Then the famous day came and he put the whisk into a fantastic packaging, the wife open it and said WOOOOOOOOOWWW, and she began to laugh. She decided to collect whisks, and she began, once she got for herself and each year (wedding day) the husband give different whisk. Time past and she decided to sell me the collection, we fight for hours and we made a deal.

Lot of 45 whisks (SOME ARE REPEATS) some very rare , different sizes , uses.

See photos please, they speak for themselves!

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Volver Antiguedades
Peru 883
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Email : nepoceledoni@yahoo.com.ar
Phone : (54 11) 4361-6144

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