Rare Brampton salt glaze Toby Jug - For Sale

Rare Brampton salt glaze Toby Jug
Price: $2300.00
• Maker Brampton Pottery
• Item: Toby Jug and cover
• Circa: 1820-30
• Origin: Derbyshire, UK
• Material: Salt Glaze
• Colour: Good orange peel colour
• Dimensions: 10inches (25.5cm) approx
• Rarity: Very Rare
• Condition: Good condition, flake to front of tricorn hat, no repairs - note: usual original firing cracks as associated with early pottery and in particular usual production of early Toby Jugs
• Price: £1,400 (sterling) / $2,300 approx - price excludes postage and insurance

• Reference:
i. Castle Museum Nottingham Collection (similar toby in collection)
ii. A Collectors History of English Pottery - Griselda Lewis - Antique Collectors Club - Page

• A Short History of the Brampton Potties:
Collectors are probably familiar with the label 'Brampton ware' as referring to the more ornate sprig decorated pieces such as puzzle jugs, toast racks, jugs, teapots and coffee pots, made from an almost white clay which gives a light honey surface and in good examples vivid orange peel colouring in a salt firing. However the Brampton potteries also made pots with a dark brown colour more usually associated with pottery made in Nottingham. In the eighteenth century, Nottingham had become so famous for its finely made brown pottery, that 'Nottingham ware' became the generic name for all dark brown saltglaze made in the Midlands, although no items can be attributed to Nottingham after 1800.

The Brampton potteries made types of ware that were very similar to each other, but individual factories also specialised in particular lines. Large quantities of bottles, kegs and barrels, jam jars, stew and saucepots, storage jars, flat dishes, turtle and beef pots, bowls, pudding moulds, colanders and water filters were produced, besides the rare and in some cases very rare ornamental pieces such as toby jugs, ink wells, figurines etc... Only a few pieces of Brampton ware are marked and therefore individual pots are difficult to attribute to specific factories. The issue is further confused by the fact that the potteries worked co-operatively and might contract work to another factory in the area if they received a large order, and in some instances workmen would move from one factory to another.

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