Roman Gold coin, MAURICE TIBERIUS, 582-602 AD. pendant - For Sale

Roman Gold coin, MAURICE TIBERIUS, 582-602 AD. pendant
Price: $1800.00
Here we have a very nice Roman gold coin from 582-602 AD. It Features the bust of MAURICE TIBERIUS and comes in a beautiful handcrafted gold setting with Ruby and White Sapphire stones. Coin Description: Weight approx: 4.37g. MAURICE TIBERIUS. 582-602 AD ,draped and cuirassed bust; reverse VICTORIA AVGG Z, victory standing facing holding long christogram staff in right and globus cruciger in left,CONOB in ex. Size in Setting: 2.4cm The setting is custom and handcrafted with 14ct gold by some of the worlds finest Armenian jewelers here in Jerusalem. The setting has approximately 7g. of gold and is surrounded by ruby and white sapphire stones.

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