Antique Kunichika Original Woodblock Tryptich c.1874 - For Sale

Antique Kunichika Original Woodblock Tryptich c.1874
Price: $300.00
This Meiji Period Kunichika antique Japanese tryptich is a scene from a kabuki play, 'Hanamomen Kikyo Hata-Age' performed at the Nakamura-za Kabuki Theater in Edo (Tokyo). A play about the treachery of one of the first shogun Oda Nobunaga's top generals Akechi Mitsuhide, who plotted and assasinated Nobunaga in Kyoto. Hideyoshi, who later became the second shogun, proved his loyalty to Nobunaga by avenging his lord's diabolical fate and killing Mitsuhide. Kabuki actors Nakamura Shigan IV played Akechi Mitsuhide; Nakamura Sojuro I played Hideyoshi; Arashi Daizaburo IV played Misaho, the wife of Mitushide, and Nakamura Nakazo III played Matsushita Kaheiji, a retainer of Mitsuhide. Kunichika, whose real name is Oshima Yasohachi, was born 1835 and died in 1900. He first studied with Toyohara Chikanobu at the Hasegawa School and then with Toyokuni III (Kunisada ) in Edo from around 1850. Kunichika was known for his dramatic actor portraits. This original woodblock tryptich has (urauchi) backing paper for strength. c.1874. (3 prints each 14½" x 10") (3 prints each 37cm x 25cm). EMS Shipping/Insurance to USA or Western Europe $55.

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