1920s Puiforcat Crystal Vase - For Sale

1920s Puiforcat Crystal Vase
Price: $3000.00
I was told by Butterfields around six years ago that it was a lead crystal glass vase, (beveled peripheral) with a reverse wheel etching of Diana the Huntress in the nude with Bow in hand,3 geese in the air amongst 4 clouds and was made by Jean Puiforcat in the early 1920s. They said it was very rare since Puiforcat did very little work with glass and mainly focused on his silver designs. There is nothing like it that I could find in over ten years.
The vase is approximately 9 inches tall, with a 5 inch opening and a 3 inch base.
The base is worn from being placed on a rough surface.
The vase is beautiful and is in very good condition, although it has a small chip at the opening that is approximately 1/2 cm. On the bottom / base that it sits on, there are scratches from being placed on a rough surface and two small chips.

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