QING DYNASTY Yellow Ground With Plain Tricolor BOWL - For Sale

QING DYNASTY Yellow Ground With Plain Tricolor BOWL
Price: $5000.00
This is a very fine BIG Plain Tricolor bowl with the design is cranes and clouds on a yellow ground. which is very common decorative design on the porcelains in early Qing Dynasty. At the bowl it says "made in Yong Zheng of Qing Dynasty".

A plain tricolor porcelain ware was made by filling the colors in the carved pattern parts, which was left unglazed, on a biscuit coated with transparent or colored glaze layer that has been fired at high temperatures. The firing process is different from the tricolor pottery made in the Tang dynasty, although both of them are known as "tricolor". The "plain tricolor" indicates the exclusion of red.
High: 4.13 inch/10.5cm
Opening Diameter: 10.35 inch/26.3cm

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Liang Xu
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