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Edward Marshall Boehm “Young and Free” — “Fawns with Blue Bells”
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Edward Marshall Boehm (1913 – January 29, 1969) was a self-taught American sculptor known for his porcelain figures of birds and other wildlife. Boehm explained his choice of porcelain as the medium for his art as follows: "Porcelain is a permanent creation. If properly processed and fired, its colors will never change; and it can be subjected to extreme temperatures without damage. It is a medium in which one can portray the everlasting beauty of form and color of wildlife and nature".

Edward Boehm as born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1913. His surname is pronounced "Beam". His parents separated before he was born. His mother, Elsie Boehm, died when he was seven years old. (He was not to meet his father until he was in his twenties.) Friends enrolled him in an orphanage known as the McDonogh School, where he remained until he was 16 years old.

He studied animal husbandry (farm management) at the University of Maryland. After the war he apprenticed for six months at the studio of the sculptor Herbert Haseltine. He studied draftsmanship three times a week. He taught himself the ancient process of porcelain making.

From 1934-42 he managed Longacres Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, specializing in Guernsey cattle. During World War II Boehm was in charge of a rehabilitation program for the Air Force at Pawling, New York. In 1944 he married Helen Franzolin. They later moved to Trenton, New Jersey. The union was happy but childless. They remained together until Edward Marshall Boehm died 1969. His widow died in 2010, aged 89.

Edward Marshall Boehm “Young and Free” — “Fawns with Blue Bells” Issued in a limited edition, 1980, From a Limited edition, first presented to Pope John Paul II by the City of Philadelphia, PA. in 1979.

This work measure 12 inches by 8 inches deep and 8 inches high approximate .

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