Two Victorian Silk Screen Portraits Frames Hand Carved - For Sale

Two Victorian Silk Screen Portraits Frames Hand Carved
Price: $95.00
Two Victorian Silk Screen portraits are in Hand Carved Red Wood Gilt Frames - The portraits are on cloth and attached to a hand carved wood back and pressed loosely into the gilt wood frame. The carving of the frame is roughly done by hand not the precision of a machine. There is nothing holding the portraits center into the frames - there are no nails or clue. The Gilt frames were carved from one piece of wood. The frames are about 9 1/2"L x 12 5/8" wide the portraits are about 6 1/2"L x 8 3/4" wide. The Portrait of the Queen has no damage lots of patina on the frame. The portrait of the young maiden has a worn spot on the silk. The spot has not worn into a hole. The center of both frames are roughly carved to fix into the frame but very loosely they are not sealed into the frame. No other damage. They are both Lovely.

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