Northwood Glass Company, Flute, Green, Alaskan Finish, Tall Vase - For Sale

Northwood Glass Company, Flute, Green, Alaskan Finish, Tall Vase
Price: $195.00
For sale is a Beautiful piece of Green Carnival Glass made by The Northwood Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia. The shape is a Vase and the pattern is known as "Flute". The Vase measures approximately 15 1/8" tall and is 4 1/4" in diameter at the widest flare of the rim. The Base also measures 4 1/4" in diameter.

The Vase depicts 8 vertical flutes that go from the top of this beautifully swung and ruffled large example to about an inch above the base. The color is green with heavy Marigold iridescence at the top fading towards the bottom two thirds of this beauty. There are vibrant colors of Gold, Purple, Blue, Fuchsia and Teal iridescence that is on the interior and exterior at the top. There is a starred base which is the norm for this pattern.

The Vase is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no chips, nicks, cracks or dings. There are tiny air bubbles throughout the vase and a couple of larger ones towards the top. Straw marks and air bubbles are a common occurrence in the manufacturing of carnival glass and do not affect the value. The piece is signed with Northwood's N in a Circle and Underlined that I have not pictured as it is on the bottom INSIDE of the vase. This can only be seen when you look through the side of the vase at the bottom .

The Vase was made Circa 1910-1920.

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