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Anatoly Belkin Circa 1991 Russian Painting
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Circa 1991
A rare and important painting by Anatoly Belkin. This work is signed with his monogram and dated 91. Translating the painting, yielded an interesting work. Tea is Good. Vladimir Mayakovsky. Unjust. Here is how I see it. The painting is filled with Russian words. After a bit of research we've uncovered a lot about the artist and the painting. The painting does depict a samovar and tea is a very popular drink in Russia. There is also a lot more going on in the painting. The top word does read Tea and then is Very Good. The rest of the words have a real political meaning. The name at the top is Vladimir Mayakovsky. He lived from 1883 to 1930 and was an important figure in Russian poetry. His life and works are filled with controversy, triumph and tragedy. And, about that newspaper. PRAVDA is quite recognizable. What is less recognizable is the play on words. By adding a couple letters before and after the word for Pravda, Mr. Belkin has transformed the word for truth to the word for Injustice. Just next to the word Pravda, are the words Workers of the World Unite. Mr. Belkin was born in 1953 in Moscow, Russia. He studied, lives and works in Leningrad, St. Petersburg. His artistic education included studies at I. E. Repin Institute of Painting (1963-1970) and at I. E. Repin Institute (1970-1972). Being one of the youngest representatives of nonconformist movement, he participated in the majority of exhibitions of "informal" artists. His first personal exhibition took place at Dzerzhinsky Culture Club (1977). Since 1976 his works have been included in foreign expositions of "resistant" art in New York, Sent-Luis, Washington, San Francisco, Bochum, Paris, Mongeron and other cities. Mr. Belkin is a member of the St. Petersburg Organization of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. He is also the founder and the editor of the magazines " " (2000), and "Veshch.doc" (2005). Mr. Belkin continues to paint.

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