J.W. Stannard Tabernacle Windchime - 6 Feet Tall - For Sale

J.W. Stannard Tabernacle Windchime - 6 Feet Tall
Price: $100.00
4 TUBES: 46", 50 1/2 "X 53 1/2" AND 56 1/4"
6 1/4" diameter x 73"LONG
Yes this windchime is OVER 6 feet tall from top to bottom.

The Superior Features of a Hand-Tuned J.W. Stannard Wind Chimes

Each bell is individually hand-tuned to ensure that every chime plays exactly notes listed.
Protective nylon grommets on most chimes minimize each cord's contact with each bell, increasing cord life by 700% and creating a clearer, cleaner sound
Soft wood clapper ensures that you hear just the musical sounds without the harsh "clanking" of wood striking metal
The musical notes played by the chime are engraved on the hard wood wind catcher
Removable hangers slip out to wrap around tree branches or any closed support
Diamond Line (tm), the indestructible fiber used to tether satellites, holds most Stannard chimes together
Each bell made of specially developed alloy that will maintain chime's perfect pitch and never rust
Tops and wind catchers made from weather resistant hard woods and three coats of varnish to preserve their luster
Shipping $15.00

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P.O. Box 40748
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Email : collectibles-here@mail.com

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