Air France, Allemagne 1968 - For Sale

Air France, Allemagne 1968
Price: $500.00
Mathieu, Georges
23,5 x 39

Produced for Air France in 1968, this is one of a collection of 14 posters which highlights some of the airline's most popular destinations. They were purchased from a woman who purchased them in 1968 and were in the original AF tube . They have never been framed and are excellent to very good condition. I have recently had them professionally linen lined in order to protect their physical integrity as well as to preserve their colors and investment value. They will frame up beautifully and are magnificent. Each poster measures 23. 5 inches by 39 inches. We think these posters would look great in a travel agency, and international setting or a large conference center ... they are colorful, spectacular and rather magnificent. This one, featuring India uses imagery and colors of that country as a background for Matthieu's fabulous imagination... French painter, Georges Mathieu gained an international reputation in the 1950Õs as a leading Abstract Expressionist. His large paintings are created very rapidly and impulsively. Despite his unconventional technique, he considers himself a historical painter working with abstract subject matter. Matthieu was born into a family of bankers and first studied law and philosphy before deciding to turn to the visual arts. In 1947, when he exhibited at the Salon of New Realities, he exhibited a cloth made of texture spots springing directly from the tube in a technique attributed to Jackson Pollock. He later exhibited in the United States and Japan. Not content with being 'just a painter', Mattieu has invented a 'lifestyle' which for him is the raison d'etre of an artist: this belief is most evident wth is work as editor of a multi-disciplinary magazine devoted to the arts. Mattieu is still active in the arts world in France and around the world. Please note that all of our posters are vintage, non-reproduction works of art.

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