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Greek Hellenistic Magarian Bowl Item Number: 1081906
Price: $895.00
Greece, ca. 2nd century BC. Of fine red clay, mold-made and brown-glazed, the base centered by a rosette, a frieze above depicting garland among which are interspersed dancing goats (certainly a reference to Pan/Satyrs) and large amphorae, above which a continuous band of grape vines compliments the scene. Most of the external surface is covered with relief decoration, including radiating palms and wine cups (kantharoi). Megarian ware was the Greek forerunner to the Roman 'Samian' ware, which was also known as Terra sigillata. During the Hellenistic period (3rd to 1st cent. BC), vessels of chased metals were greatly sought after and potters of the time tried to imitate the form and decoration. The usual decoration would be naturalistic motifs, such as palmettes and rosettes, but sometimes wine cups, animals, cherubs and human figures were also depicted. The usual form of Megarian ware is the small hemispherical bowl with a red, brown or black slip but such bowls are becoming increasingly scarce on the antiquities market. 3-3/8"D x 2-3/8"H, intact/generally excellent, save minor spauling of brown slip around some of the relief decoration.

ProvenancePurchased in 2005 from the Archaeological Centre in Old Jaffa, prior to that formerly part of the well-known Denny Pinkus Estate.

Material clay
Dimensions 3-3/8"D x 2-3/8"H
Condition Intact

Ancient Greek
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