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Was das Sonntagskind erlauscht What Overheard this Sunday’s Child by Else Ury
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In 1905 her first book, Was das Sonntagskind Erlauscht (What Overheard this Sunday’s Child), was published by the Globus Verlag. This collection of thirty-eight moral tales promotes pedagogical ideals such as loyalty, honesty and faithfulness.

This book is extremely rare, in it’s German form and purchased in 1908. The pages are fragile but whole. Many have separated from the binding and are loose though none are missing. Beautiful color plates can be found throughout, most in good condition though some appear to have some moisture damage.

Overall the book, binding and cover are in fair shape. I’ve tried to show specifics in the photos regarding the condition but should you have any questions, please ask!

Else Ury:
(1877–1943), one of the most beloved authors of German girl literature. She began her successful writing career in 1905 with Was das Sonntagskind erlauscht (What Sunday's Child Overheard). Her signature perspective emerged with her next book, Studierte Mädel (Educated Girls, 1906), in which Ury portrayed girls growing up in the spirit of the bourgeois German women's movement. Nearly all of Ury's over thirty books deal with the childhood and adolescence of girls in contemporary, middle-class German society. Ury's Nesthäckchen series (Fledgling, 1918–1925), still in print in the 21stcentury, follows its eponymous protagonist from preschool to old age. Although traditional with respect to ultimate duty to the family, stories in the series Professors Zwillinge (The Professor's Twins, 1921–1930) feature a brother and sister from early childhood to adulthood on the backdrop of modern youth's fascination with fashion, sports, and technology. Because of her Jewish lineage, the National Socialists prohibited her from publishing after 1933; she reportedly died on a transport to Auschwitz in 1943.

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