Original American Antique Hoopback Windsor Side Chair w/ Cherry Seat, c. 1810-20 - For Sale

Original American Antique Hoopback Windsor Side Chair w/ Cherry Seat, c. 1810-20
Price: $910.00
American Hoopback Windsor Side Chair
c. 1810-20 with a later refinish
Item # 120009QOE16

Woods: Cherry (Seat and Side Stretcher bars)
Maple (Legs and Mid-Stretcher)
Hickory (Crest Rail and Spindles)

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This is a fine original Hoopback Windsor with a high polish finish and a very nice overall presentation. Interestingly, this chair features significant use of Cherry woods, an uncommon wood considering all of these surfaces would have been painted. The solid board shaped plank seat makes excellent use of the ribbed grains of the cherry, highlighting them down the center of the dished seat. The crest is a steam bent rail of hickory that tenons through the seat, uniquely shaped with a certain lean, and while at first glance it appears that the hoop back has twisted from shrinking and expanding of grains over time, it appears to have been designed like this. In measuring the spindles, the left spindles are clearly higher than the right spindles, giving additional lift to the hoop and the appearance of twist. One can speculate about why it was crafted like this, but in any event it lends to some visual interest. The spindles are smooth tapering shafts of hickory that join through the crest rail with a split wedge through-tenon. The chair rests over four plain shaped maple legs, framed in an H-form stretcher with cherry sides and maple mid-stretcher. This is a fun little windsor for anyone looking for a nice, clean and visually interesting piece in strong, sturdy and fully functional condition.

Measurements: 17 1/2" deep x 18 3/4" wide x 36" high

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