American Queen Anne Blue Painted Tilt Top Candlestand Antique 18th Century Table - For Sale

American Queen Anne Blue Painted Tilt Top Candlestand Antique 18th Century Table
Price: $2975.00
American Queen Anne Blue Painted Tilt Top Candlestand
Crafted of solid maple beneath original blue surface, entirely original hardware
New England States, c. the late 18th Century
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This is a very rare and fine American Queen Anne Tilt Top Candlestand, an entirely original table crafted of solid maple in the New England States c. 1760-80. This rural work is devoid of excessive embellishment or decoration, restrained to bring beauty from the overall form, shape and pleasing colors of the table without distracting from these elements with carvings. The edges of the top are smooth, worn from years of rubbing and use, the maple with a nice oxidized and overall quite warm patina.

It tilts on two rails from the underside, these and all other elements entirely undisturbed - as a result, as the top has shrunk over the years, the square pedestal head is slightly larger than where it joins the top between the rails, stopping the table from laying in a rested position. This should not be changed, as the beauty and value in this table is dramatically enhanced by the undisturbed nature of it's parts - it should be displayed in tilted form. The rails are joined to the table top with entirely original hand forged screws, a dowel extending from the square head into these rails on either side allowing the table to rotate.

The head of the pedestal appears to be maple, though it is hard to verify beneath the paint, the pedestal joined through this with a through-tenon. The turned ring-and-baluster pedestal is a work of art, swelling boldly at the midmost point over a tight collection of rings before the cabriole snake footed legs join into the pedestal, an original hand forged iron tri-bracket securing these together from underneath.

This rare and remarkably well preserved work of early American furniture is a wonderful find for any serious collector. It's mellow tones and soft form bring an unusual sense of beauty to any decorative setting, clearly executed by a tasteful and skilled craftsman, clearly valuing the aesthetic beauty of a clean line and bold form over the more lavish appeal of many such tables. This is a piece you will cherish in your collection for a lifetime.

Measurements: 41 7/8" high tilted, 27 7/8" rested; 25 1/8" x 18 3/4" top diameter; 24 1/2" from toe to toe

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