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Classical Stone Garden Urn
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Classical Stone Garden Urn, decorated with classical figures perfect for the garden or patio. H:35.5" Diameter:23" The origin and history of the Classical Urn especially used in the garden, the urns begins long before the ancient gardens of Mesopotamia and Egypt. The Greeks first used garden urns for practical purposes; a lack of water and rocky soils led them to use huge terracotta urns for plantings. Excavations around temples in Athens found rows of terracotta urns inserted into the ground where shrubs were planted. The Greeks of the Classical Age used finely decorated garden urns in terracotta, marble, and bronze in their gardens. Almost all of Europe borrowed this practice, from Rome to Constantinople. In Western Europe, the rediscovery of classical garden urns occurred in the 15th century with the uncovering of examples in excavations from places such as in the ruins of Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli outside Rome. Raphael and other Renaissance artists used garden urns in their paintings. This practice expanded to France, as the French Kings were eager customers for new and antique garden urns. Louis XVI, the Sun King, used many garden urns - large and small - to adorn the gardens of his new Chateau of Versailles. In the mid to late 18th century, classical garden urns became an essential part of gardens all over Europe. The advent of inexpensive examples in cast iron greatly expanded the potential market for garden urns and they were to be seen almost every middle class garden by the mid 19th century. This Stone Urn is a good size and condition reflecting the classical elements as described above.

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