Pair of Zhou Period Bronze Arrow End Parasol Tip - For Sale

Pair of Zhou Period Bronze Arrow End Parasol Tip
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This pair is part of a collection we are posting on the site. These are often misidentified as crossbow arrow ends. However, to our knowledge no such items have ever been found associated with crossbow bolts. These particular pieces went over the ends of the wooden ribs in large parasols. The protruding hooks put tension on the strings or straps that were attached to the skin of the parasol. This is a matched pair that is attributed to the Warring States period (475-221 BC). Both pieces have a silvery coating and patchy green patina. This silvery coating (which is likely tin) is often attributed to weapons of the royal class. Please take a close look at this and the many other such pieces we have posted this week. They are very interesting indeed. These particular specimens are solid and heavy. They each measure roughly 8 cm in length and weigh 21 grams each. The sockets are empty and measures roughly 1.2 cm across. The terminal ends are round and flared. There are no signs of repair.

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