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Incredible Decorated Bronze Warring States Sword
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This is e specimen you that is truly of museum quality. It is a fine bronze sword (jian) dating to the Warring States period of ancient China. It measures almost 62 cm (over 2 feet!) and weighs 688 grams. It has very precise decoration on the guard and concentric decor on the pommel. The guard decoration would have been inlaid with jade or turquoise. The rings on the pommel are cast so finely that even to this day they can not be replicated. The rings cut into the pommel are only 14 thousandths of an inch thick. You will see in the pics that the pommel is a slightly different color than the rest of the handle. These sword were created in three pieces (pommel,guard, handle and blade together) which were then swedged or welded together. The pommel is likely of a slightly different alloy than the other pieces of the sword which caused it to patinate differently. Swords like this often took several years to create and only when perfect would they have been presented to their royal owner. Asian bronze is becoming increasingly difficult to find. You will not likely see another one of these offered at any price. Feel free to email for additional pics or if you have any questions.

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