An Excavated Jianyang Temmoko Tea Bowl of N. Song Dy - For Sale

An Excavated Jianyang Temmoko Tea Bowl of N. Song Dy
Price: $880.00
A black-glazed Jianyang Temmoko tea bowl was in full characteristics of excavation. Intriguingly transformed into a brownish tint on the surface due to long time of burial and was then induced to an astonishing look by the incursion, the bowl was still in a sound structure without any defects. In typical black body clay(revealed at the foot ring, though was covered by the grayish tint caused by firing and from burial), the tea bowl was mold by steep wall and stand by an well shaped foot ring. A similar piece was in an exhibition in MOA Japan from The Museum of Fujiang Province. Whatever the incursion caused was lighter than the piece shown here. Being noted were what identically the foot rings were shaped, and the characteristics the black slip dripped to the foot ring. Another rare and similar excavated Jianyang tea bowl in unique whitish tint was sold in my website-lot310.

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