Trevaise Glass, Pulled Feathers Vase, Outstanding Detail - For Sale

Trevaise Glass, Pulled Feathers Vase, Outstanding Detail
Price: $1850.00
For Sale I have a Fabulous Vase made by The Alton Manufacturing Company of Sandwich, Mass. This Vase is know as a "Trevaise" and its pattern is done in one of the most sought after by Art Glass Collectors. The Pattern is called "Pulled Feathers" and it is simply Gorgeous!! I would call the shape a Swollen Shoulder Form. This is probably one of the nicest executed decorated Vases by Trevaise that I have ever owned. The Vase stands 6" tall and is 3 1/2" in diameter. The Vase has a very pleasing form and the Colors are spectacular. The two toned greens with Gold Feathering on top is simply Beautiful. When holding the Vase and turning the Iridescence is just outstanding. You can see beautiful Hues of Fuchsia, Purples, Gold's and Greens. The Feathering is pulled from the bottom to the top of the Vase. The Feathers are very wide at the bottom and as they are Pulled towards the top they compact and display the appearance of a Peacocks Feathering. The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is the usual Factory imperfections in the finish like Pock (Bubble, Inclusions) Marks around the piece. I am told this is very common with the Trevaise pieces. The Vase is not signed on the bottom but it does display that counter sunk polished Pontil. The is the mark of Quality Art Glass and typical of the American Art Glass Movement. Many of these vases have counterfeit L.C.T. Tiffany Favrile Signature Marks. I am very Happy to announce that this one does NOT. When I first bought this I though it was a Tiffany Vase but my expert Friend informed me differently. It is what it is and it carries its own established Value in the Art Glass world. The Alton Manufacturing Company produced an Art Glass Line called "Trevaise". This line was supervised by a former Tiffany Studios glassblower, James H. Grady. He was in charge of its production. Their Art Glass Productions was meant to look just like L.C.T. Tiffany Favrile and Quezal Art Glass. These Art Glass pieces resembled Tiffany and Quezal Glass both in form and Technique. Several of the Glass Blowers from Tiffany Studios and Quezal worked in this Studio producing extremely close copies of Favrile Glass. The Company was only in business for 1 year, 1907-1908 and it didn't prove profitable. Trevaise Vases are much Rarer than Tiffany and are considered not to be equal in Value. If this was a real Tiffany Vase it would probably sell for $5000-$6000. Of course, this is much less than a Tiffany Vase of similar form and Decoration. Here is your chance to own a very Rare piece of Art Glass made for 1 year and 1 year only. I'm sure the Buyer will not be disappointed!! Truly an Investment piece and will look great on that Stickley, Arts and Crafts, mission style Bookcase.

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