Tiffany Studios, Pine Needle Desk Item, Gold Bill File - For Sale

Tiffany Studios, Pine Needle Desk Item, Gold Bill File
Price: $850.00
For sale I have a Lovely Desk Set Item made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The Pattern in the Desk Set by Tiffany is the ever Popular Pine Needle Pattern and it is done in Tiffany's Gold Patina. The Item is known as a Bill File or Spindle. The Spindle stands 6 5/8" tall and the foot has a diameter of 3 3/8".

The Spindle displays an Acid Etched Pine Needle Pattern over Beige or Caramel Slag Favrile Glass. The Finish is the ever Popular Gold Plated Finish. Tiffany actually used real 18kt Gold in the Plating Process. The Spindle rises up from a finial on top of the glass and rolls over very much like the shape of a question mark.

The Spindle is considered to be in very good condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips to any of the glass. The Gold Plated finish on the outside is still intact and considered to be very good to excellent. The bottom shows signs of wear as this Spindle was used. There are a few very tiny pin head indents along the outer edge . These are very small and can only be seen upon close inspection. There is an indent to the metal on the bottom side and cannot be seen when displayed. The piece is signed on the bottom with Tiffany's Impressed "Tiffany Studios New York" Signature Mark. There are also the numbers 12534 lightly etched above the Tiffany Studios impressed mark. This was more than likely a special order number.

This is a hard to find item in the Tiffany Pine Needle Set sets. Usually when found there is damage to the Glass under the filigree. I am happy to report that there is No damage to the glass what so ever. This is considered and earlier version of the Tiffany Pine Needle Bill Spindle as there are no Pattern Numbers impressed with the Signature mark. This was known as Pattern number 961 which was the same as the Grapevine Spindle Number. Tiffany started using these Impressed Pattern numbers after 1902.

I would say that this Tiffany Pine Needle Bill Spindle was made Circa 1895-1902.

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