French Beaded Purse, Deco, Bakelite Frame, Very Nice - For Sale

French Beaded Purse, Deco, Bakelite Frame, Very Nice
Price: $210.00
For sale I have a large Vintage French Beaded Deco Purse with a Bakelite Frame from the early 1900's. The Purse is 6 3/4" wide and 9 3/4" long to the top of the plunger clasp. It is approximately 15" overall with the strap. The purse is lined with a black silk liner and has ruffled edging to finish it. The lawn of this purse is done in a Cocoa Brown as well as the strap. The design on this purse is "Art Deco" and made out of Coral, Salmon, Hunter Green, Slate Blue, Periwinkle and Yellow Seed Beads.

The pattern is on both sides of the Purse and it is outlined with Jet Beads. The clasp and hinges are in fine working order even though the plunger sits a little crooked. The purse is considered to be in very good condition. It could use a little TLC as the silk lining behind the strap is missing, remnants are showing, and there are a few beads missing on one side and not noticeable.

The Bakelite Frame is signed however the strike is more prominent on the end of the signature than in the beginning. I believe it says MADE IN FRANCE. This is a Lovely Vintage Purse made Circa 1900-1910 and is Very Good Condition for being almost 110 years old.

Those Purse collectors will surely welcome this addition into their Purse Collection.

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