Gustav Becker Walnut Vienna Regulator Wall Clock - For Sale

Gustav Becker Walnut Vienna Regulator Wall Clock
Price: $700.00
Gustav Becker Walnut Vienna Regulator, with carved case, full length glazed door,

Movement is marked with Gustav Becker trademarks (Medaille D'or) and serial #223131 which dates this clock 1880.

The (2) piece white fired enamel dial has roman numerals and there are no chips or cracks on the dial.

The 8 day movement is driven by (2) brass shelled lead filled weights hung from engraved pulleys. The pendulum has wood a rod and a large brass pendulum bob.

The clock strikes the hours and 1/2 hours on a coiled gong. Recorded and completely gone through cleaned and maintained in 4/2013.

H- 45" x W- 17" x D-7"

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Robbie Putnam
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