#10113: SILVERED Bronze Antoninianus - 253 to 268 AD, - For Sale

#10113: SILVERED Bronze Antoninianus - 253 to 268 AD,
Price: $14.95
Reign of Gallienius. Historical Context: P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus, son of Valerian, was made co-emperor in 253 AD soon after his father elevation. After the capture of Valerian by the Persians, Gallienus became a ruler of the whole empire subject not only to fierce barbarian attacks, but rent by internal revolts, famine and plagues. Gallienus was murdered at the siege of Milan. Obv: Gallienius,Rev: Securitas, Roman "Security," holding spear,Diameter: 19 mm diameter (almost the size of a US Penny),Condition: Very Fine.

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