Bronze Coin of Emperor Honorius - C.7415 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Emperor Honorius - C.7415
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Bronze Coin of Emperor Honorius - C.7415 Origin: Minted in Antioch Circa: 394 AD to 423 AD Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Medium: Bronze Flavius Honorius was born in 384 A.D. and became emperor upon the death of his father Theodosius I in 394 A.D. Honorius inherited the Western Empire while his older brother Arcadius ruled the East. Overall, Honorius is considered by many historians to have been a weak and ineffectual ruler. However, he was lucky enough to have the talented and loyal Flavius Stilicho serving under him as Magister Militum. For the first fifteen years of Honorius’ reighn, Stilicho, who was part Vandal, protected the Western Empire from invading barbarians and potential usurpers. Yet during these same years, public anger over the high percentage of Germanic barbarians serving in the Roman army came to a boil. A corrupt official named Olympias convinced Honorius that Stilicho was planning to murder him and install his own son on the throne. Regrettably, Honorius acted against his loyal companion and Stilicho was executed. At this point, the borders were undefended, leaving the Visigoths free to wreak havoc in the West. Under the leadership of Alaric, the Visigoths entered Rome and made it all the was to the Southern tip of Italy before retreating. In 418 A.D., Honorius signed a treaty with the Visigoths, granting them an independent kingdom in what is modern day Toulouse in France, the first barbarian kingdom established on Roman land. Honorius would pass away five years later in 423 A.D.

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