Indo-Greek Silver Drachm of Apollodotus I - LC.224 - For Sale

Indo-Greek Silver Drachm of Apollodotus I - LC.224
Price: $100.00
Apollodotus I was one of the generals of Demetrius I of Bactria, the Greco-Bactrian king who invaded northern India in 180 BC. He issued bilingual square coins and ruled an Indo-Greek kingdom between 174-165 BC that stretched from Taxila in the Punjab to areas of Sindh. There are several theories regarding the symbolism of the animals. The elephant on the obverse may be a symbol of the city of Taxila. Alternatively, it may refer to the Buddhist legend in which a white elephant enters the womb of Maya, the Buddha’s mother, in a dream. The bull may also represent a city or a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva. - (LC.224 )

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