Silver Denarius of Emperor Hadrian - C.3053 - For Sale

Silver Denarius of Emperor Hadrian - C.3053
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Silver Denarius of Emperor Hadrian - C.3053 Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 117 AD to 138 AD Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Medium: Silver Pax is the Roman goddess of peace, synonymous with the Greek Eirene. The cornucopia is also known as a horn of plenty, presumably a reference to Rome’s economic potency. Coinage operates as a propagandist device in all cultures, and particularly during the Roman Empire when the borders were uncertain and internal strife threatened to destabilise the economy. In this sense, Hadrian’s conservative and comparatively peaceful rule was a boon, as it allowed the empire to settle itself. Rome would, in future centuries, suffer greatly from the depredations and neglect by extremely decadent rulers.

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