Kralik, Vaseline, Uranium, Art Deco Line Vase, Nice~~ - For Sale

Kralik, Vaseline, Uranium, Art Deco Line Vase, Nice~~
Price: $225.00
For Sale is a lovely piece of Art Glass made by Wilhelm Kralik Sohn of Eleonorenhain Bohmen (Bohemia). This is now the modern day "Czech Republic". The item is a Deco footed goblet shaped Vase. The Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 5 7/8" tall and 4 5/8" in diameter outside handles measurements. The foot or bottom of the Compote measures 3 1/4" in diameter.

The Vase Displays a wonderful art Deco Shape that is accented with vertical lines rising out of the foot and up to the very top edge. These line are 2 colored being a Deco Orange and Purple color. These orange lines start out wide at the top of the foot and as they get closer to the rim the line gets thinner. The Purple line actually comes out of the round orange foot and remains about the same thickness all the way up.The Base glass is Vaseline or Uranium Glass. It has a slight green glow when unlit and boy does it glow under a black light. When you handle the Glass it also has a Vaseline Glass feel to it. This is a nice piece of Art Deco Art Glass.

This Vase is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no chips, cracks, nicks or dings. The piece does not have a counter sunk Polished Pontil The bottom is smooth and indented a little bit. The Vase was blown from the top into a mold and cut at the top lip. This top lip is polished smooth to the touch and has a tiny flea bite. The Vase is signed "Czechoslovakia" on the bottom and this is pictured.

This Vase would make lovely addition to any Art Deco Art glass Collection. I'm quite sure the buyer will be well pleased with their purchase. This vase was made circa 1920-1930.

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