Rindskopf, Quatrefoil Art Glass Striated Thumbprint Vase, Rare Size, Excellent~~ - For Sale

Rindskopf, Quatrefoil Art Glass Striated Thumbprint Vase, Rare Size, Excellent~~
Price: $595.00
For Sale is a wonderful piece of Art Glass made by Josef Rindskopf of Bohemia which is now modern day Czech Republic. The Item is call a"Dunkelviolettes Glas" " Art Glass Flower Vase. The Vase is a nice cabinet size as it stands 7 1/8" tall and 4 1/4" in diameter at the top diagonal measurement. The foot of the vase has a diameter of 3 7/8".

The Vase displays a thumbprint form with a 4 fold (Quatrefoil) top lip. The bottom of the vase is bulbous and has 3 (Thumbprint) Style indents in the glass. The Elongated cylindrical neck rises up from the bulbous bottom to form a Flower Form top lip. The base glass is Purple or deep Amethyst. The Iridescence is brilliant as you can see. There are strong hues of Purples. Blues, Silver and Fuchsia. The decoration is like waves along the bottom and the pattern going vertical and horizontal in the column towards the top lip.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The Vase has a fire polished top rim with a rough pontil. The sign of a quality piece of Art Glass. The Vase is unsigned as is the case with Rindskopf Art Glass Vessels. This Vase more than likely had a paper label at one time. This is a well documented form from the Rindskopf reference material and is guaranteed to be as such.

This is a Beautiful hand made Vase. This is a Rare size. I have found the 9-13" ones many times through the years. This is the first on of these in this 7" size. I would consider this quite a Rare find!! I'm quite sure the Buyer will be quite happy with their purchase. This Vase is known as "Striated Dunkelviolettes" Vase. This Vase was made at the turn of the century, Circa 1900-1905.

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