A Gorgeous Vion & Baury Sèvres Figurine C. 1868-1890 - For Sale

A Gorgeous Vion & Baury Sèvres Figurine C. 1868-1890
Price: $250.00
A wonderfully modeled Vion & Baury Sèvres 9 ¼ inch high figurine of a young lady wearing period costume with delicate, gold-sprigged floral detail.
• The green anchor mark is printed on the underside of the base, indicating that this piece of Vion & Baury Sèvres is known as Gille Jeune Porcelain, made between 1868 – 1890 in Paris.
• The figure is delicately modeled in a very life-like stance, with her torso turned to the left as she carries a water jug for the flowers she holds in her apron. She is wearing a very jaunty, gilt leghorn bonnet with a white ruffled mobcap beneath. Her gown is extravagantly enameled with gilt leaves and raised gilt dots. Her apron is filled with delicate, colored flowers and a floral sprig nestles in her low cut bodice. A gilt peplum flairs from her tightly cinched waist in the back.
• She is holding a corner of her apron in her right hand and a water jug in her left hand. Unfortunately, the jug handle has not survived.
• At some point in time, her left leg was broken just under the skirt hem. There is evidence of a glue repair to this leg just under the skirt and again under the shoe. The glue repair appears to extend under the skirt to the rear. The repair is not highly visible, unless one is specifically looking for it.

All items are sold "as is". This is an antique piece of porcelain; small nicks and scratches are part of the beauty of an antique and are not described unless significant.
Shipping of $15.00 quoted is for continental us only. Please contact seller for shipping quote to other locations.

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Lyle Foley - Boylston Antiques
178 Main St.
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Email : lyle.a.foley@gmail.com
Phone : 774-261-0674

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