Antique Biscuit Porcelain Centerpiece Putto 'Sea Monster' Signed! - For Sale

Antique Biscuit Porcelain Centerpiece Putto 'Sea Monster' Signed!
Price: $795.00
Great figural centerpiece by Triebner Ens & Co, circa 1894-1900. This piece is entirely in green and white bisque, unglazed. In white, an adorable putto stands atop a highly ornate 'fountain', right hand raised holding a fish. On front and back of the bowl portion of the sculpture, a fierce and fearsome sea monster glares out at the world; white on the sea green ground of the 'fountain'. Other white features include cascading water over the sides of the bowl-like portion of the fountain. The base is in sea green, and ornately decorate a profusion of rocailles, flowers and vegetation. Underneath the sea monsters are shells. Condition is good. There are some flaws: there are firing marks on the head of the putto. One finger has been lost. And one stalk of something green and growing has been broken. There is one small chip on the very bottom of the base. Given the age and complexity of this sculpture, I'd say it is in very fine shape. The piece bears the Triebner Ens & Co marks. It is numbered and signed. I am not yet able to identify the artist and most interested in acquiring any information the reader may have. This is a very fine sculpture, and rare.

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