Bell Socket 2 1/4 Fitter for Tiffany Studios Favrile Lamps - For Sale

Bell Socket 2 1/4 Fitter for Tiffany Studios Favrile Lamps
Price: $375.00
For Sale I have a very hard to find part. It is a 2 1/4" Bell Fitter for an Original Tiffany Studios, New York Table or Floor lamp. The fitter is done in a Verdi green/ brown patina. The socket with the cap on stands 2 3/8" tall and the Fitter is the standard 2 1/4" Fit.

There is no socket interior. There are also no screws that hold the top of the bell to the bottom. You should be able to get these at a hardware store. These are extremely small screws and those of you who have had an original Tiffany will know what screws to get.

The Bell Fitter is considered to be in very good condition as the only issues I can report is the top bell portion and the bottom has some wear. There is a section on both that appears black and was probably caused by a socket getting too hot inside and something coming in contact. The exterior socket shell is dirty. I used my fingernail lightly scratching at the Black and noticed it breaking of the Shell exposing the patina under it. Other than this the patina is in pretty good shape.

The fitter has all three of its original ball fitter screws. I found this part amongst antique lamp parts at a lamp shop many years ago. I bought it thinking I would use it, but I never have. The bases I have bought through the years always had this part. Those of you looking for this part, look no further. This part could be used on a Handel Table or Floor Lamp but it was made for an Original Tiffany Studios, New York Lamp.

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