Steuben, Gold Aurene, Diamond Quilted Bowl, Nice, HTF~~ - For Sale

Steuben, Gold Aurene, Diamond Quilted Bowl, Nice, HTF~~
Price: $475.00
For Sale I have a lovely piece of Art Glass Vase made by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The Item I called a "Diamond Quilted" Bowl. The Bowl Measures 2 3/8" Tall and is 3 3/4" in diameter. The top opening is 2 1/2" in diameter. The Bowl Displays a very unique Diamond Quilted Pattern throughout the Bowl. Even the Top Flaring lip has this pattern in it. The Gold Aurene Iridescent is more matt than the smooth version Vases I have had in the past. I believe the pattern in the glass somewhat tones it down. You can see beautiful tones of Fuchsia along the neck and beautiful Blue Platinum along the bottom edge. Looking inside the Bowl is like looking at a mirror. The Gold Iridescence is just outstanding!! The Bowl is considered to be in very good condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The Bowl displays a counter sunk polished Pontil. This is the finishing mark of Quality Art Glass. The only issues is there are signs of use as there are very small scratches in the Iridescence around the bowl. The Bowl is signed on the bottom with Steuben's "Aurene" etched signature mark along with the Shape Number "252" also etched. You can tell always tell Steuben's Gold Aurene from Tiffany's Gold Favrile as Steuben's texture of the glass is very smooth like a baby's butt and the Tiffany Gold has a rougher texture. Purchase with confidence as quality Art Glass is becoming harder and harder to find. I have only had this form a few times in my 35+ years as a dealer. Steuben's Aurene was registered in 1904, and ceased production in 1932.

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