Antique 18th Century Millefleurs Indian Oriental Rugs # 8052 - For Sale

Antique 18th Century Millefleurs Indian Oriental Rugs # 8052
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Antique Kashmir "Millefleurs" Twill Tapestry / Shawl, Circa Date: 18th Century - Finely woven Kashmir tapestries of this kind are modeled on the Pashmina wool "Millefleurs" or "thousand flowers" carpets of Mughal India. Although composed as an abstract pattern based on subtle, barely visible concentric and intersecting circles, the floral detail is highly naturalistic and derives from European painting and textiles. The overall format with a kind of pointed arch or niche may derive from prayer rugs. The whole composition is meant to be seen as a delicate tree of life emanating from an amphora-like vase between sprays of palm leaves. The palm leaves sprout in turn from a shallow basin at the very bottom of the design.

This rug featured in a couple of the best publications about antique shawls and since it is such a great example, the Asia Society had borrowed it when they had the “Treasures of Kashmir” exhibit. Read more about the exhibit here:

Size: 2. ft 08 in x 3. ft 11 in (0.81 m x 1.19 m)

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