Islamic Glass Bracelet - GF.0177 - For Sale

Islamic Glass Bracelet - GF.0177
Price: $60.00
Islamic Glass Bracelet - GF.0177, Origin: Israel, Circa: 700 AD to 900 AD, Dimensions: 3.125" (7.9cm) high, Collection: Near Eastern, Style: Islamic, Medium: Glass. Throughout antiquity, glass was used for jewelry in place of more costly gems. Islamic artisans inherited the glassmaking traditions of the past, and shaped works of great vitality. With jewel-like colors and bold shapes, they created ornaments prized by princess and commoner alike. Imitating lapis, turquoise, emerald, onyx or agate, glass jewelry satisfied the age-old human passion for adornment. Imagine this bangle upon the arm of some dark-eyed beauty as she exchanged laughter and gossip with her friends, dangling her fingers in the cool waters of a fountain. From such a charming clue as this, worn and cherished, we can picture a vanished life, a distant time.

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