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Childe Hassam “The Regatta” Rare Aquatint
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Childe Hassam “The Regatta” Rare Aquatint

Childe Hassam, American Impressionist Painter, Lithographer , watercolorist and etcher (known to all as Childe, pronounced like child) left high school without graduating, and ended up working for a wood engraver. He attended drawing classes at the Lowell Institute, a division of MIT, and was a member of the Boston Art Club. He began his artistic career as an illustrator and watercolorist. By 1882, Hassam was exhibiting publicly and had his first solo exhibition, of watercolors, at the Williams and Everett Gallery in Boston. The following year, his friend Celia Thaxter convinced him to drop his first name and thereafter was known simply as “Childe Hassam”. Having had little formal art training previously, Hassam went to Paris in 1886 to study figure drawing and painting at the Académie Julian. He studied under Gustave Boulanger and Jules Joseph Lefebvre. However, he later considered the education he received there “superfluous.” What had a greater influence on Hassam’s work was the art he was exposed to in the city’s museums and galleries, especially the works of the Impressionists. Hassam returned to America and settled in New York City in 1889. He soon become close friends with fellow artists J. Alden Weir and John Henry Twachtman, whom he met through the American Watercolor Society. Hassam enthusiastically painted the genteel urban atmosphere he discovered in New York, which he greatly preferred to Paris. During his time in New York, Hassam made summer painting excursions to Thaxter’s home on Appledore Island, Maine, the largest of the Isles of Shoals; and to Gloucester, Massachusetts; Cos Cob, Connecticut; and Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Outstanding Childe Hassam (noted American Impressionist Master) was commissioned to execute and publish a series of Venetian Watercolors for “Venetian Life, 1889”

Executed in the medium color Aquatint, employing multi plates for various colors and tonal effects. These beautiful works were conceived and printed under the supervision of Hassan and took place at the Riverside Press in Riverside New York, 1889.

Because of the high cost of published these works in high quality, the technique soon was ended by the first of the 19th century.

Sheet Size: 4.50 by 7 inches on wove paper. This exceptional antique multi-stone aquatint has the look of an actual watercolor and of a limited edition.
When correctly matted and framed these are truly beautiful works that will give you many years of great enjoyment.

The publication of these works became one of the finest Aquatints in color produced in the period and best among the finest Aquatint printing of the period in America , Here Childe Hassam works in watercolors became strong, brilliant, and individual. Among the best examples are his American water colors.

Today these examples are becoming very rare to find on the open market and are often over look by collectors of Hassam’s fine print-making.

He visited Xavier Martinez in 1914 in his Piedmont gallery to view Martinez’ recent paintings of the Arizona desert. Hassam is famous for his series of 22 flag paintings, which he began in 1916, when he was inspired by a “Preparedness Parade” (for World War I) held on Fifth Avenue in New York. Monet, among other French artists, had also painted flag-theme works, but Hassam’s have a different, distinctly American character. They all depict Fifth Aveue, Fifty-Seventh Street, or streets near Hassam’s gallery at the time, which was on West Fifty-Seventh Street. The Metropolitan Museum, the New-York Historical Society and the National Gallery of Art all own a Hassam flag painting. In 1919, he purchased a home in East Hampton, New York, where he would die, aged 75. He was a member of the Ten American Painters group, which seceded from the Society of American Artists in 1898.

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