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From the prestigious estate of Mrs Mary Timmins, well-known collector and authority on antiques, who lectured on the subject in the 1940''s, this was one of the pieces she used in her talk on Women in Colonial Days. The chatelaine is something of a tour de force: it includes wonderful silver and vermeil pierced openwork, studded with lapis lazuli; a gilt silver figural walnut holding inside it a pincusion that combines as a perfume bottle and a tiny mirror and swan down powder puff. It was supposedly made in France (according to the estate of Mrs Timmins), and is certainly at least 100 years old. Total length is about 6 3/4 inches. The chatelaine can be hung from a belt by the typical long hook, hinged to the decorative front for ease of opening or closing. On either side it has a loop, so presumably, it could be hung from a chain as well. The hook is hidden behind a star or flower shaped silver and gold pierced openwork jewel. It is studded with cabochon lapis lazuli, which gives it a definate Art and Crafts appearance. Scrolls and stars combine with foliage. A pair of chains comprised of similar openwork in gold and silver studded with lapis hang are suspended from the flower jewel. In turn, they hold links which suspend a wonderfully modelled vermeil walnut. Hinged at the back, it has a little button in front for opening it. walnut is approx 1 3/4 inches in length. Opening the walnut reveals a gilt tube with purple felt on top. This contains a tiny perfume bottle. The other side of the walnut appears to have lost a glass cover. WHen the metal frame is lifted, it reveals a small convex mirror and when that is removed there is a wonderful swan down powder puff in wonderful condition as it has been hidden and protected in the walnut for so many years. The walnut has engraved STERLING 925 on the inside. Condition of the whole chatelaine and it''s components is very good. Status: For Sale Reference#: 3703 Condition: good Year: 1880 Title: ANTIQUE SILVER LAPIS CHATELAINE WALNUT PERFUME COMPACT

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