Haunting 19th Century Folkart Memory Bottle Encrusted with Curiosities SKU: 1480 - For Sale

Haunting 19th Century Folkart Memory Bottle Encrusted with Curiosities SKU: 1480
Price: $495.00
Fascinating old antique memory bottle, embedded with lots of curious old treasures. Memory jugs serve as a reminder of the life of a loved one. More prevalent in the mid-west, Arkansas, Kentucky, etc. When used as they were initially meant to be used, they serve as a vessel for the spirit of the deceased and offer the ones left behind a way to work through the grief. While they may appear crude to some people, many others find a unique beauty in looking at them. Their beauty comes from the fact that the vessel was lovingly created to serve as a reminder of a life that has ceased to exist in the physical realm. They are a creative way to say goodbye to a loved one while creating a piece of art that will last for generations to come. Some cultures used tombstones or statues to say farewell. Memory jugs are just another cultural expression of goodbye. Sometimes they were sealed with the deceased person's ashes. This particular bottle does have something inside it, not sure what, but you can hear something when turned upside down. It has many items on the outside, seashells, old buttons, a hair comb, spoon, scissors, frozen Charlotte doll body, porcelain doll head, boot and dish parts, screws, ground glass stopper, ivory needle case, key wind pocket watch key and other oddities. Some items have disappeared with age but left their impression. Some are hard to distinguish. 10" tall x 6 1/2" diameter. This bottle is very unique with its dark color, rare and haunting! Hard to find! Add it to your cabinet of curiosities!

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