In The Manner of Tiffany Studios, 16 Inch Acorn Shade on Bronze Small Stick Base~~~ - For Sale

In The Manner of Tiffany Studios, 16 Inch Acorn Shade on Bronze Small Stick Base~~~
Price: $2950.00
For Sale is a wonderful Arts and Crafts Styled Table Lamp made in the Manner of Tiffany Studios, New York. The lamp is called an "Acorn" Table Lamp. The lamp is a nice desk size as it stands 22" Tall to the top of the heat cap and is 16" in diameter. The shade itself is 16" in diameter and 6 5/8" tall without the heat cap.

The Table Lamp is simply outstanding! The Base is made of Bronze and has 4 feet raising it off the table or desk. It is made of 5 separate pieces, a foot, a column, cluster ball, riser and wheel for the shade to rest on. The simple design of the base works with the Arts and Crafts Decor just wonderfully. There is a 3 light cluster that lights the shade to give the lamp a nice even balanced light. The Patina is a Verdi (Green) Brown and is quite similar to Tiffany Studio's Patinas. This base is called the "Small Stick" and it is a Replica Copy of the original. Tiffany made this base in 2 sizes. This is the smaller size for 16" Shades. The base is wired with the Antique Style Brown Rayon lamp cord to give it that Vintage look.

The Shade is just as Outstanding!!. It is done in the Arts and Crafts Tradition and is considered a Geometric Pattern. The Glass is a translucent Green with white mottling throughout. There are 5 rows of rectangular shaped glass to form the top half of the shade. Then there is a horizontal band of this same glass just above the pattern. The next area is the Pattern of Acorns pointing up and down and they surround this shade forming a belly band. The background of the band is the same wonderful mottled green glass as above. The Acorns themselves are done out of a Honey Mustard opalescent glass and compliments the shade superbly. The shade continues with another 3 horizontal rows of this rectangular shaped background green glass. The bottom of the shade is finished with a bronze rim to give this shade added support. The top of the shade has a bronze ring in it. The lead lines have a nice Green/Brown Patina. This shade was made the same way Tiffany Studios made their shades. The lamp is finished off with a slip fit heat cap in the style of Tiffany Studios. There are a total of 468 individual pieces of stained glass in this lamp.

The Shade and Base are considered to be in excellent condition. The lamp is considered to be of Contemporary make. The Base and shade are not signed but it looks like an original Tiffany Studios, NY table lamp. This is a Museum Quality copy of a Tiffany Original. If this was original an Tiffany table lamp it would sell for $12,000-$15,000 at Auction. Here is your chance to own a Tiffany Replica Copy for substantially less.

This table lamps works wonderfully well for those who decorate in the Arts & Crafts Mission Style. It would look outstanding on that Gustav Stickley side Table. I'm quite sure the buyer will be well pleased with their purchase.

This lamp has to be shipped in 2 separate boxes. The shade will be double boxed and both items will be fully insured.

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This item is a Reproduction.
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