In The Manner of Tiffany Studios, 16 Inch Turtleback Table Lamp, Bronze Base~~ - For Sale

In The Manner of Tiffany Studios, 16 Inch Turtleback Table Lamp, Bronze Base~~
Price: $5500.00
For Sale is a wonderful Arts and Crafts Styled Table Lamp made in the Manner of Tiffany Studios, New York. The lamp is called a "Turtleback" Table Lamp. The lamp is very impressive as it stands 20" Tall to the top of the heat cap and is 17" in diameter outside diagonal arms measurement with the shade on the base. The base by itself stands 16 3/4" tall to the top of the lighting cluster. The shade itself is 16" in diameter and 6 7/8" tall without the heat cap.

The Table is simply outstanding! The Base is made of Bronze and has 4 large claw feet. The Base has 4 sides and display a large green Favrile style oval shaped Turtleback glass tile in each side. These panels are soldered to the frame of the base. The Base has a faux Oil Canister to simulate the Original Tiffany Studios Oil burning lamp. There are 4 arms that reach out from each corner of the base so the shade can rest securely on it. The Patina is a wonderful deep Verdi Green/Brown and is very similar to L.C.T. Tiffany. There is a 3 light cluster that rises up from the Oil Canister to give the shade nice even balanced light. The base also lights up showing a wonderful Emerald Green Color.

The Shade is just as Outstanding!!. It is done in the Arts and Crafts Tradition and is considered a Geometric Pattern. The Glass is a ripple Green White with wonderful Mottling throughout. There are 5 rows of rectangular shaped shaped glass to form the top half of the shade. Then there is a horizontal band of this same glass just above the Turtleback Tiles. The next row are the superbly hand crafted and cut Turtleback Tiles done in a Emerald Green. These tiles match the color and density of the tile in the base. There are 18 of these tiles. The lamp continues with another 3 horizontal rows of this rectangular shaped background glass. The bottom of the shade is finished with a bronze rim to give this shade added support. The top of the shade has a bronze ring in it. The lead lines have a nice Green/Brown Patina. This shade was made the same way Tiffany Studios made their shades.

What makes this shade special is the way the glass was cut. It was cut from 1 sheet and the grain of the glass can be seen crossing over the grid lines perfectly. You can clearly see that not one piece was broken out of sequence with the grain of glass. It flows like a painting. The ripple texture of the glass facing out gives this lamp even more appeal. The lamp is finished off with a slip fit heat cap in the style of Tiffany Studios.

The Shade and Base are considered to be in excellent condition. The lamp is considered to be of Contemporary make. The Base is not signed but the shade is signed along the bottom rim with a tag that reads "Art Glass Studio". This company made this shade in the late 1980's early 1990's. This is a quality copy of a Tiffany Original. If this was original an Tiffany table lamp it would sell for $150,000-$200,000 at Auction. Here is your chance to own a Tiffany Quality Copy for a fraction of the price.

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