Ziwiye Glazed Terracotta Jar - X.0199 (LSO) - For Sale

Ziwiye Glazed Terracotta Jar - X.0199 (LSO)
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In 1947, a young shepherd boy stumbled upon a treasure trove of gold, silver and ivory objects located on the side of a mountain high above the small, isolated village of Ziwiye. Excavations revealed that the treasure was located in the wall of an ancient ent with contemporary structures built by the Elamites and the Assyrians. Much of the art found during subsequent excavations is stylistically and subjectively similar to Assyrian art of the 8th and 7th centuries, with further links to the Urartians and Scythians. Stylistic trends in ceramics suggest that the pots have much in common with others recovered from along the banks of the Tigris in the ancient Assyrian city of Ashur,suggestingthatitmayhavebeenthe Assyrianswhobuiltthecitadelaboveagainstnomdicinvaderssuch-X.0199(LSO)Origin:Central Asia Circa:800BCto700BCDimensions:11" (27.9cm) high Collection: Near Easternyle: Ziwiye Medium: Glazed Terracotta

Ancient Asian
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